January 3rd, 2012

File Recovery Software - About Mareew Company


About Mareew Company

Founded in 2007, Mareew Company offers a wide range of downloadable data recovery tools, offering Windows users a convenient way to undelete files, music, pictures and documents. With years of accumulated experience in designing, developing and maintaining recovery software, Mareew Company is a safe bet on the crowded data recovery market. The years spent providing consulting services and customer support brought us clear understanding of our customers’ problems and needs, and taught us to resolve most issues in a quick and efficient manner.

We want to share our expertise with our clients and visitors. We need your feedback on our products and services; we’re striving to become better at serving you, our customers.

Our Products

Mareew Company offers the complete range of tools to fix most issues with lost data, missing information and deleted files. We offer tools to match expectations of all kinds of users. Our products range from straightforward, step-by-step tools that recover only the audio, or only digital pictures, or just Word documents, to our top-of-the-line, all-in-one suite that can fix all type of issues that can be fixed without taking your hard drive to a clean room.

Two things are common to all our tools: the ultimate ease of use, and the underlying recovery engine. By using the very same engine in our top-of-the-line, mid-range and affordable products, we strive to give the best chance of recovery to all users regardless of their budget. Our proprietary, well-polished user interface offers easy, error-proof experience to new computer users while providing data recovery experts with access to all the advanced controls.

Our Services

At Mareew Company, we stand behind what we sell. All our products come with free technical support. We’ll help you resolve issues related to information loss. We’ll consult our customers on how to use our products to restore their files in the most efficient manner. We’ll never try to upsell, pushing you to buy our most expensive products. If all you need is getting your music back from an iPod or extracting the last photo shooting session from a formatted memory card, we’ll steer you to the right product. We guarantee the best bang for your buck.

Our Customers

Our customers come from all over the world, all types of background, and all levels of computer proficiency. We help everyone regardless of their experience, occupation or the language they speak. Our tools are used by new and experienced computer users. They run in data recovery shops and are used by information recovery specialists throughout the world.   http://mareew.com

Hard Drive Recovery - Data Recovery Software by Mareew Inc.


Hard Drive Recovery    

Positioned at the top of our product line, Hard Drive Recovery is the ultimate answer to data loss problems. It combines the ability to recover deleted files (sharing its sophisticated file recovery engine with its moderately specced sibling, Mareew File Recovery) with the ability to repair the damage done to the disk system structures preventing you from using the disk. If won’t fix a disk dropped onto a concrete floor, but can often cure moderate and severe cases of accidental and malicious damage such as repartitioning, formatting or corrupting the disk.

When to Use Hard Drive Recovery

Our top-of-the-line product, Hard Drive Recovery offers everything our other products do – with the only exception being Mareew Office Recovery, a dedicated and highly sophisticated solution that can, in addition to regular recovery, also reconstruct corrupted Microsoft Office documents.

Use Hard Drive Recovery when you need to undelete deleted files and folders from FAT and NTFS drives, recover information lost from all types of storage media, to fix repartitioned disks and formatted memory cards. Hard Drive Recovery can actually reconstruct corrupted system structures of your hard drive, fixing inaccessible and unreadable disks and putting them back to service without too much of a trouble.

To sum it up, Hard Drive Recovery can handle the following problems:

  • All types of deleted files and folders;
  • Files erased from Windows Recycle Bin;
  • All versions of FAT and NTFS partitions;
  • Information lost due to multiple reasons;
  • Formatted memory cards and repartitioned hard disks;
  • Corrupted file system;
  • Damaged partition tables and Master Boot Record (MBR);
  • Unreadable and inaccessible hard drives (excluding physical damage or complete electronic failure).

The Easy Way to Recover Information

With Hard Drive Recovery, Mareew Company provides an easy way to fix common hard drive problems. Several step-by-step wizards are designed to guide users through most typical issues, handling situations that most often occur completely automatically. Expert mode enables access to complete functionality of the product, allowing data recovery specialists and computer experts to fix unusual cases.

If there’s one technology that most contributes to the easiness of use, that would be Live Preview. The technology allows previewing recoverable documents on the fly by just clicking an item in the list of recoverable files. Live Preview displays the content of documents, pictures and video files, plays back music and audio clips, and allows entering compressed archives as if they were folders – all that before actually recovering the files!

Advanced Technologies

Hard Drive Recovery uses a number of highly sophisticated technologies helping the product to achieve an almost cult status among the data recovery tools. The proprietary PowerSearch technology empowering the entire platform of Mareew data recovery tools performs the most scrupulous analysis of the hard drive. The technology reads the whole surface of the disk sector after sector, matching information against a comprehensive database of known file types allows locating and restoring all recoverable data down to the last bit.

Free Download

As always with Mareew data recovery products, Hard Drive Recovery is available for a free download. The free version does its best to locate all recoverable documents, and displays a free Live Preview. Download now and give it a try!   http://mareew.com/data_recovery/data_recovery.php