January 4th, 2012

Undelete and recover Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents automatically


Mareew Office Recovery

This product is unique in our range of data recovery tools. Mareew Office Recovery conveniently combines the ability to undelete files (sharing its sophisticated file recovery engine with our top-of-the-line disk recovery product, Mareew Hard Drive Recovery) with the ability to actually repair corrupted documents, extracting all usable bits of information out of badly damaged and even partial documents.

When to Use Mareew Office Recovery

Use Mareew Office Recovery when you need to recover lost and deleted documents produced by applications from the Microsoft Office Suite, or when your documents, databases, presentations or spreadsheets become corrupted and no longer open with Office applications. Mareew Office Recovery can successfully recover, reconstruct and repair supported documents, extracting every piece of usable information from badly damaged documents.

Mareew Office Recovery supports documents, presentations, databases and spreadsheets produced by Microsoft Office from Office 97 to the latest Office 2010. The tool recovers the complete document including all embedded pictures, objects, attachments, formulas and active content.

Here’s the complete list of applications and file formats that can be recovered with Mareew Office Recovery:

  • doc, docx - Word 97-2010 Document
  • xls, xlsx - Excel 97-2010 Worksheet
  • ppt, pptx - PowerPoint 97-2010 Presentation
  • mdb, accdb - Access 97-2010
  • pst - Outlook 97-2010
  • vsd - Visio Drawing (all versions)
  • pub - Microsoft Publisher Document (all versions)
  • rtf  - Rich Text Format files (all versions of all Microsoft and third-party applications that can save RTF files are supported)
  • sdw - StarOffice Word
  • odt - OpenOffice2 Text
  • max - 3D Max File

Complete Document Recovery Solution

By combining the functionality of several data recovery tools in one convenient package, Mareew Office Recovery brings you the complete, all-in-one solution for recovering your office work. The product can save hours, days and even weeks of work by restoring most or all of your documents in a matter of minutes.

Advanced Technologies

Mareew Office Recovery uses some of the most sophisticated technologies empowering our other products such as the top-of-the-line Hard Drive Recovery. The proprietary PowerSearch technology helps Mareew Office Recovery reliably locate and recover documents stored on inaccessible, formatted and repartitioned media. Live Preview, a great convenience feature, offers quick visual preview for all recoverable documents, allowing you to pick a best-preserved version out of the many documents appearing in the search window.

Free Download

As always with Mareew data recovery products, Mareew Office Recovery is available for a free download. The free version does its best to locate all recoverable documents, and displays a free Live Preview. Download now and give it a try!