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Redundant RAID Arrays: Not a Perfect Panacea

Raid ArraysDesigning and implementing the optimum storage system is an often underestimated challenge even in large organizations storing and accessing humongous amounts of information. More often than not, companies implement a single RAID array, considering its redundancy a guarantee of data preservation. More often than not, this is not the case.

It is essential to realize that even a perfectly simple mirror array (RAID 1) will not protect against a number of events that will in time almost inevitably lead to loss of data. Logical errors, database and file corruption occur at a file system level, and will register on all of the disks comprising the mirror array at the same time. A RAID can only protect against an unexpected hardware failure occurring on the disk level, but will help you nothing against a logical data corruption or a hardware failure occurring on any level other than the actual disk (e.g. in a RAID controller)....

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