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Data Backups: Also Not a Perfect Panacea

 The previous article discussed the principles and limitations of redundant RAID arrays used to build a fault-tolerant system. With RAID arrays not being a guarantee of data integrity, what is? Common belief is that regular backups are a perfect solution. Indeed, a carefully thought of and properly implemented backup policy will get you close to perfection – but not quite the absolute safety touted by backup apologists. This article discusses the benefits and limitations of regular backups in achieving the ultimate safety and accessibility of your data.
Local and Remote Backups

Backup systems located in the same office or in the same building are generally easier to build and less expensive to maintain. However, a backup system that’s physically close to the main workstation can easily suffer from the very same problem that caused data loss on the main PC. Floods, fires, electric surges and similar disasters may unfortunately affect the entire building – or even the whole city. While having a local backup server may still be a good idea as it offers easy accessibility and fast backup restoration, only having a local system is not enough.

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