Recovering CD and DVD Backups

 Recovering CD and DVD Backups

What could be more frustrating than reaching for a CD/DVD backup and discovering you can’t read the most important files? Don’t worry just yet; there are tools that can do more than Windows to read your files back. Read this article to learn more about the issue of optical backups, their fate and recovery...

Can I Unformat a Memory Card?

Part I and Part II of “Can I Unformat…?” articles present a detailed explanation of what happens when you format a memory card with a PC. From Windows point of view, memory cards are not much different to hard drives. Typically, memory cards formatted with “Quick format” are recoverable regardless of what version of Windows was used.

Can I Unformat That Disk?

As you can see from the table published in Part I of this article, formatting any type of media in Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP is never destructive. Indeed, these operating systems do not zero disk data even when performing the full format operation; instead, they verify the disk by simply reading the sectors instead of writing to them. This was changed in later versions of Windows to facilitate tighter security....